2015 the year of the Goat

With one month almost gone in 2015 already and new years resolutions most likely made and broken, why not take the time now to reflect on how RentPro can make your time more productive.  Don’t be a goat and embrace some changes for the better!

Time and Cost Savings from RentPro and Mailsoft Solutions

RentPro has been partnered with Mailsoft Solutions for some time now and we have seen a steady up take in this service.  If you are unaware of this service you may be asking what does MailSoft Soltuions provide and how does it save me time and money?

MailSoft Solutions provide currently two services through RentPro: Registered Emails and Electronic Signatures

Registered Emails

Proof of delivery – With every email you send using RMail™, you will receive a registered receipt™ email, containing legal proof™ of delivery, the content, sending and opening of emails, 100% of the time. Just think how useful that will be for you.

Fast and efficient – It will provide you with a faster, more secure and lower cost alternative to the post, DX or couriers. RMail™ is perfect, when you need to send important communications fast and with proof of delivery. Proof? Yes, it’s even admissible in court.

Advantage – You will no longer need to print and post important documents and delivery is instant. Little wonder so many businesses are turning to RMail™, to send all their financial, contractual, personal and legal correspondence. Having proof of delivery provides you and your business with legal back up of exactly who sent what to whom and when.

Electronic Signatures

Time saving – Obtaining legal electronic signatures on contracts has never been easier, simply attach your contracts to an RMail™ email and send, allowing recipients to sign and return instantly via email. No more expensive printing, posting and chasing, RMail e-signature helps you work faster and more securely than ever before.

Easy to use – Each signatory receives a signature request email which can be opened and electronically signed easily on any PC, tablet or mobile device using their finger or mouse.

Legally safe – All RMail™ e-signature services surpass the standard as defined by the EU Electronic signature regulations, what is more, senders receive a court admissible registered receipt proof of the entire transaction for your legal back up.

We’re confident that you’ll be able to realise real productivity and cost savings by making use of these services. It’s simple and easy to enable within RentPro, and you only pay for what you use (50p per Registered E-mail).

Trisha from Premier Lettings in Letterkenny has the following to say about the MailSoft features within RentPro:

“I love it, it’s great!. Using the E-signature to get Letters of Engagement for landlords and even renewals for tenants signed means that we don’t have to wait until they can call into the office or for them to post them back.

Our landlords and tenants are also impressed by how quickly they can deal with all necessary paperwork. This reflects well on Premier Lettings, presenting an efficient and professional image to all of our clients.

Using the Registered Emails for rent arrears letters also stops tenants from saying they didn’t receive the letter as we have proof that it was sent and even opened!”

If you would like to find out more about any of the products or have these services enabled on your account get in touch with the support team, by clicking on the support icon within your account or emailing support@rentpro.co.uk.

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