6 uses for SMS messaging in your agency

“In business communication is key”. This may be a cliché, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true, particularly for property managers chasing tenants for rent, or dealing with 101 maintenance issues. Luckily, in the digital age in which we live, we’ve a plethora of apps that we can use to get in touch with others: Skype, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, etc. In my view though, it’s hard to beat the plain, old text message. Why?

  • Instant Delivery
    A text message will typically get to its recipient within seconds, and with 90% of people within reach of their mobile phones 24/7, your message will get to its intended destination immediately.
  • High Open Rate
    Open rates for text messages are 98% and generally within 15 mins of being sent. Contrast this with email open rates of 20-30% and the text message is almost guaranteed to be read.
  • Reliable
    Unlike emails, a text message won’t end up in a spam folder. On top of that, texting trumps the apps I mentioned earlier as no Internet connection is required.

I’ve hopefully convinced you that SMS is an effective way to communicate. So how can it be put to use within a lettings business?

1. Rent Arrears Reminders 
Use SMS to send a gentle reminder to tenants when rent payments are late or missing.

2. Notify New Maintenance Jobs
Trades people are often on the move. If you’ve a new job for one of your suppliers then send an SMS notification.

3. Viewing Reminders
Ever been left hanging when a prospective tenant doesn’t show up for a property viewing? I thought as much… Use automated text messages to send reminders 30 mins or an hour prior to the appointment.

4. Broadcast Messages
Inform all tenants and landlords of your holiday opening hours via a broadcast SMS.

5. Property Inspections Reminders 
Ensure that someone is there to open the door when a property inspection is due by sending a message beforehand.

6. Send Ad-hoc Messages
Maybe you want to keep a landlord up to date regarding important maintenance works but don’t want to be kept on the phone for an age. A simple text should suffice.


If you’ve a property management solution in place, such as RentPro, then most of these tasks should be readily available and only take a few seconds to complete. Furthermore, you’ll have a log of messages to refer back to if needs be.

Everyday hundreds of businesses use RentPro to keep on top of their rent arrears. Take our free trial to see how RentPro can help you.

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