Agents warned over change in evictions law

The new deregulation act will have major impacts on landlords, agents and tenants. From October tenants will be able to protect themselves from eviction by making a complaint about a property’s state of repair. Agents and landlords have therefore been advised to make preparations well in advance of the new rules coming into force.

Rajeev Nayyar, Managing Director of repairs software specialist Fixflo commented:“This marks a fundamental shift in the repair management process for rental properties.  While there are a few months until the change in law comes into force we expect agencies across the UK to start preparing for it now.Although at first glance another layer of regulation may be appear to cut across the interests of the industry, we consider that the changes present growth opportunities for well-run agencies.  Landlords who have previously self-managed will increasingly opt for a fully-managed service due to the severe consequences of non-compliance and the failings of badly run agencies will be highlighted through increased litigation and reputational damage.”

Full story available from Property Industry Eye: and FixFlo:

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