Increase revenue with RentPro and Advanced Rent

January 29th, 2015

Advanced Rent is a leading provider of tenant referencing and landlord insurance products for landlords and letting agents.

Not only do the Advanced Rent products enable you to offer better service to your landlords, but the generous commissions offer considerable potential for growing new revenue streams within your business.

So what products do they offer:

Advanced Tenant Referencing

  • Fully Managed Credit Referencing
  • Market leading, fast, Internet-based portal giving a full 6-year credit history including address, employment and income verification. Affordability analysis and Right-to-Rent for non-EU tenants.
  • All at a marketing leading price of £13.99 per check.

Deposit Replacement Insurance

  • No Deposit Insurance
  • Attract a wider range of tenants by not having to ask them to provide a deposit. It covers the landlord for damage, dilapidations and voids. It also has a built in legal cover for £50,000.
  • Commissions ranging from £20 to £61.54 will be paid based on the level of the deposit to be insured. The sale of 5 policies per month, with an average rental value of £750 PCM, would result in monthly commission payments of £115.40.

Rent Guaranteed

  • Take away the risk to your landlords with the recovery of rent arrears, plus 75% rent paid for two months in the event of property voids. Advanced Rent will also manage the eviction process and cover the eviction costs thereby reducing the administration involved in dealing with section 8 and 21’s.
  • A commission of £20 will be paid per Rent Guaranteed sold.

Rent Guaranteed Plus

  • All the advantages of Rent Guaranteed cover plus
  • Home emergency cover – 24/7 call-out number for tenant emergencies such as boiler breakdown backed by the Centrica network of providers.
  • A commission of £22.50 will be paid per Rent Guaranteed Plus sold.


Registered Emails & Electronic Signatures

August 12th, 2013

RentPro has partnered with Mailsoft Solutions to provide you with their registered email and electronic signature service which gives you the ability to create an authenticated legal, audit trail directly from RentPro.

The registered email service proves legal delivery, content and time for emails 100% of the time, regardless of recipient action. Continue reading »

Tenant Referencing & Rent Guarantee Insurance from Legal 4 Landlords

May 8th, 2013

RentPro has partnered with Legal 4 Landlords to offer you Tenant Referencing, Rent Guarantee Insurance and UK Company Credit Check services.

Legal 4 Landlords has already partnered with over 1000 agents for Tenant Referencing services across the UK and now if you are a RentPro client you can submit and monitor tenant reference requests directly from RentPro. Continue reading »

RentPro partners with Property Place

July 26th, 2012

RentPro has now partnered with Property Place and are happy to now include as part of our offering free access to this innovative property website and for 3 months free access to their new Search and Match feature.

To avail of this offer simply email and inform them that you are going to use RentPro to upload your vacant properties to Property Place.

For more information on Property Place please see below:

Guaranteed rents

June 30th, 2012

A guaranteed rent scheme affords a landlord peace of mind in the knowledge that they will receive a fixed monthly income from their letting agent even if their property is vacant, or rents have not been received. In return the landlord will generally receive reduced returns from what they would normally receive under the standard mechanism of receiving rents less management fees.

If you currently operate a guaranteed rent scheme or are planning to introduce such a scheme then you can now manage this through RentPro.  RentPro will allow you to specify the Guaranteed Rent Allocation day and then automatically for any property you select to part of this scheme to have these rents automatically applied to the landlord regardless of whether rent was collected.

To find out how to implement this on your account follow this link to our user manual:

New software updates – automatic tenant fees, and more…

February 17th, 2012


Last night we released the latest build of RentPro, introducing some great new features, and resolving some of the inevitable bugs which have been reported to us by customers.

The primary new feature is the ability to automatically apply fees to tenants in certain situations, to help your letting agency realise additional revenue from your landlords and tenants. Continue reading »

Development plans for 2012

January 13th, 2012


Our main priority for the start of the new year has been to formalise our development plans for RentPro for 2012. A key consideration for this exercise has been the feedback from the survey of letting agents and landlords using our rental management software, conducted back in the autumn. Continue reading »