Communicating with tenants the key to avoiding formal disputes

In the last year 30.1% of notified deposit disputes didn’t proceed to a formal Alternative Dispute Resolution adjudication by the scheme MyDeposits which has been partly attributed to them asking landlords and tenants to communicate first.  Tim Frome, Legal Services Manager at my|deposits said “talking to your tenant and explaining the reasons for your proposed deductions to the deposit can help lessen the likelihood of a formal deposit dispute.” They also have released a guide to assist landlords when negotiating with tenants on deposit deductions which you can find here:

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RentPro can also help you keep a record of any correspondence with tenants be this phone calls or any letters that you send to them with the information be date and time stamped on the system proving that you were in contact with them.  Legal receipts can even be got for letters that are emailed as registered emails further providing you with the evidence that you have been communicating with your tenant.  Find out more about Registered emails from our blog post:

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