Flink, a new way to advertise your properties

social media software for advertising property
agent launches advertising game changer

Flink, a new social media software invented in Scandinavia and pioneered by Spicerhaart, puts property ads on social media in front of those most likely to buy.

Spicerhaart have described the new software as a ‘game changer’ that will transform the housing selling process and may even take over from online property portals.

Paul Smith, CEO, said “This technology intelligently understands far more about the people who are clicking on a social media advert, including their lifestyle and ambitions, using some of the most powerful data sets in the world; it then serves the ad to other people with a similar profile.

He further claims that the technology will attract buyers who are currently not registered with agents or online portals and will study people’s preferences so it can display the advert they are most likely to engage with.

Norwegian for ‘good’ and ‘clever’, Flink runs the adverts it creates on some of the UK’s largest social media channels; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus.

Spicerhaart are continuing to advertise in newspapers and on property portals (Rightmove and OnTheMarket) however with over 23 million people in the UK using Facebook on a daily basis they have questioned what the future holds for such forms of advertising.

Scandinavian estate agents using similar software have reported an increase of 150% in their target audience, increasing the percentage of buyers and reducing the time to sell a property.  They also claim to have seen a 6% rise  sale prices.

Full story available from Property Industry Eye: http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/flink-spicerhaart-launches-advertising-game-changer-which-could-take-over-from-portals/

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