June offer for email marketing solution

For the month of June 2012, our parent company K-Point, is offering all RentPro users the chance to start emailing landlords, suppliers, current tenants, prospective tenants using professional, attractive email templates, and giving you the power to market available vacant properties, keep people informed of company news, etc.

In the past week we have introduced a new feature within RentPro to assist users with email marketing. Within Admin > Control Panel there is a new tab labelled Email Marketing from where you can quickly and easily export your various mailing lists and these can be just as easily imported back into the email marketing tool, ready for mailing.

Email marketing and mailshots are a very inexpensive way of staying in touch with your client base. At typically just 1p per recipient, and a standing charge of £5 per mailshot, it’s just a fraction of the cost of traditional communication or advertising media such as print publications, with a level of visibility and a measure of return on investment which simply isn’t possible via other channels. Read more about the power and potential of email marketing for letting agents.

Considering that you can send a fully branded, attractive and informative email shot to a list of 500 people for just £10 (500 x 1p + £5 delivery) which is just £10, it’s a no-brainer!

If you place your order during June, we are offering a 20% discount on the normal standard package price of £249, reducing the cost to just £199 (+VAT). For that, we’ll set you up with your account, update the email template with your logo and company colours, create your landlords, suppliers and various tenant lists (current, prospective and previous), and point you in the right direction to start engaging with your client base like never before! Make a great impression that really boosts your image as a professional, trustworthy agent.

For more details visit the K-Point website at www.kpoint.co.uk, or contact us on 028 4175 4844 or at info@rentpro.co.uk for more details and to get started immediately!


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