Landlords Becoming Helpful to Tenants in Competitive Market

Landlords across the nation are increasingly going the extra mile to help out their tenants as a way to make sure they are happy at a time when the rented sector remains particularly competitive for buy-to-let owners. According to the latest findings published by the AA, seven out of every ten landlords across the UK have drastically changed plans that they had in order to help out a tenant who was in need during 2013.

Helen Brooker, head of AA Home Membership said: “Being a landlord is time-consuming, especially as they’re ‘on-call’ twenty-four hours a day. Landlords often get a bad reputation for not helping out their tenants when they’re needed, but our research shows that’s often not the case.” Some are going to extraordinary lengths in order to make sure their tenants are happy, according to the findings, with one in five having come home early from a holiday, 18 per cent getting away from work to deal with issues, and 16 per cent even leaving a wedding before the end to help their tenants.

The average landlord is always on call, the AA said, and with many looking to maximise the income from their buy-to-let investment by doing it themselves rather than dealing with letting agents – only a third use these, according to the AA – they had to visit their properties on average three times in 2013.

The mean annual bill for repairs stands at GBP 296.81 per property.

However, in spite of this effort to go the extra mile for their residents, the AA advised that there are still some areas where owners can improve their operations. It said that only 27 per cent of tenants know who to contact if their landlord is not available, with Mrs Brooker advising: “Giving your tenants a list of other contacts – possibly a family member or tradesmen that you have a good relationship with could be handy. It’ll probably help your relationship with your tenants too.”

Article courtesy of IPIN Global

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