Landlords providing sub-standard service, claim, but majority of tenants are happy?

At the start of the month a report by the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux, claimed that private landlords are providing a sub-standard service whilst “pocketing £5.6bn in rent on unsafe housing”.  This report however was widely criticised within the industry, with Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer of the NLA suggesting that the report uses loose definitions to compound a perception that private housing is insecure and unsuitable across the board, and it ignores the weight of evidence to the contrary.  More evidence emerged to refute the Citizens Advice Bureaux’s report during the month when Paragon Mortgages released its most recent research that found the large majority of tenants – 82 per cent – said they consider the property they rent to be their home and 70 per cent said they perceived the rent they pay to be either good or very good value for money.

Despite this optimistic response from tenants there still appears to be work needed in the area of educating both tenants and landlords about their responsibilities.  According to research by the Endsleigh insurance firm, there’s growing uncertainty over where the responsibilities of private sector tenants and their landlords meet.   The biggest discrepancy between what tenants and landlords believe relates to providing meter readings at the beginning and end of the tenancy period. Nearly three quarters (73 per cent) of landlords correctly think it is their tenants’ job to do this, but only 35 per cent of tenants agree.  With RentPro a letting agent can now easily assist with this issue thanks to our partnership with TenantShop.  TenantShop makes the job of notify local councilswater suppliers and energy providers of new and vacating tenancies, set up and close void accounts for your landlords and ensure there are no stray bills an easy and quick one.  Find out more about TenantShop from our recent newsletter.

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