Long-distance lettings dominate private rental sector, says ARLA

StockMarketWire.com – A new survey of landlords shows that long-distance lettings dominate parts of the Private Rented Sector (PRS) in the UK.

Research from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) suggests that in Central London, there are almost twice as many properties in the PRS than landlords who reside in the capital, with a ration of 1:1.98 (landlords to properties in the PRS). Long-distance landlords are also prevalent in Scotland where ARLA’s data shows a ration of 1:1.74 (resident landlords to properties in the PRS).

In contrast, the South East and South West of England showed the least prevalence of long-distance landlords, with the ratio of resident landlords to properties in the PRS standing at 1:1.13 (South East) and 1:1.18 (South West).

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RentPro property management software allows letting agents to give landlords access to the information on their properties, which has enabled agents to cut back on the admin time they spend updating the landlords on their properties particularly if they are a long-distance landlord.  Many landlords also relish the ability to have access to the information on their properties at a time that suits them.

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