More councils request special dispensation to ban boards

We’re all aware of some areas of our towns, villages and countryside which are awash with for-sale and to-let marketing boards erected by letting and estate agents, and it’s no surprise that to the general public who are not actively in the market for a new home they represent an unwelcome eyesore.

Some councils are now imposing restrictions, requiring agents to get council permission to put up these signs, and could even go so far to impose outright bans. Larger agents whose signs reinforce their dominance will certainly not be in favour of such bans, but smaller agents may feel that such a ban gives them an equal footing in the sales and rentals market.

One thing is certain – whether you’re a large or small agent, a house seller or buyer, or a disinterested member of the public, opinions will be strong and loud. 

Read the full article on this in the Property Drum

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