RentPro rebranding to Tilt Property Software

What is happening?

Since 2004, RentPro has pushed the boundaries of what software solutions can do for our customers.

Mind you, technology has changed a lot in the last 15 years, and we have continued to evolve and move with the times – whilst holding true to what really sets us apart – our approach to customer service.

Which is exactly why we wanted you to be the first to know our exciting news!

We are entering a new growth phase, one which will broaden our skillset and extend our reach even further. To help us deliver our ambitious growth strategy – later this week, we will unveil our new company brand name – Tilt – as well as our suite of new product brands, which will replace RentPro and the current ShowHouse and Curo.

Tilt will offer the same quality software backed by our experienced team who will be on hand when you need us, giving first-class, fast and friendly support – because at Tilt we believe a swift response when you need us is as important as the exceptional software solutions we provide.

In terms of our products, Solo remains as was, RentPro Business and Max will become Origin, ShowHouse is now Elevate and Curo will be known as Affinity. But don’t worry we’ll keep you right as we go along!

We really hope you like our new look! We will also launch a new website, which like us, will continue to evolve and develop as we add more content and features.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? One thing you can be sure of is that we will continue to evolve, supporting our customers’ needs, whatever the challenge, whatever the opportunity.

We look forward to working with you in the weeks and months ahead under our new name.

How will this affect us?

The brand is purely cosmetic as far as your software subscription and usage is concerned. You will see a new login screen, and the colours and logos within your account will change slightly Layout and functionality in your everyday usage of the products will be unaffected.

When will this take place?

We will be launching the rebrand on Tuesday night, 19th March, between 8pm and midnight. We will be launching a brand new website at the same time.

There are a lot of pieces to this jigsaw, and while we complete the switchover during the latter half of this week you may still see some references to old product names. Please bear with us while we complete this rollout. We will send further updates as we progress.

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