RentPro survey results

Thanks to all who took the time to get involved in our recent survey to gain valuable feedback on how RentPro works for our letting agents and landlord customers, and to find out what’s good and bad about it in your experience. We’ve outlined a summary of the survey feedback below, along with our ideas on how we take RentPro and its growing community forward from here. 

As an incentive to provide valuable feedback to us we’ve awarded a £100 Amazon voucher to a randomly selected survey entry.

Congratulations to the lucky winner Sagdat Bolatavich from Bournemouth Beaches letting agency in Bournemouth. Well done Sagdat!


We have carefully analysed each and every response, and the main points we gathered are outlined below (good and bad):

Good points first, naturally!

  • There has been a lot of praise for our customer support, which we firmly believe sets us apart from all of our competitors. Thanks for your kind words, and we promise to maintain the same high levels you have come to expect.
  • The majority of people have complimented us on how easy the system is to use, although we have also identified some areas which we do aim to improve upon.
  • Another great point which came up repeatedly is the ability to access RentPro from anywhere over an Internet web connection, for both system users and indeed landlords, should you choose to grant them access.
  • Over 75% of respondents say that RentPro has resulted in a marked difference in the way their agency operates, with some claiming revenue increases of up to 50%! That’s great to hear!

Room for improvement…

  • There has been overwhelming demand for a comprehensive diary and task manager within our property management software. It’s hard to argue with that, so this is our next priority and you can expect to see motion on this very soon.
  • It’s clear that there are certain areas which cause ongoing problems to users, or are somewhat lacking in functionality, e.g. accounting, reporting, and management of maintenance activity. These will be afforded appropriate attention in the development plan.
  • There are also some features which many  people are not using, e.g. bank reconciliation, portal uploads, and SMS texts. Part of the reason appears to be that users are not fully aware of these features in the first place, or are unclear about how they work. We will be raising awareness of various system features, and helping users learn how to make them work for their agencies.

We’re currently drafting our development plans for the incoming months, and 2012 in general, and we’ll be letting you know about our product roadmap soon. Rest assured that you’ll start to see results from your feedback early in the new year.


More engagement all round

We don’t want this crucial user involvement to stop with the survey. Please feel free to get in touch with us at any time, and to follow us in the various social media channels below.

Social media channels: Follow RentPro on Twitter, or like our page on Facebook and listen to what we have to say on a whole range of letting-related topics.

System news and announcements: You can also view system announcements and product news within our helpdesk system. Also, RentPro users can keep up to date with more technical system-related news by following rentproapp on Twitter. This is much more relevant to users than some of the more general material on the other channels above, e.g. details of releases, maintenance updates, etc.

Feature requests forum: During the summer we introduced a new feature request forum to allow users to suggest new features or improvements. In the next few days we will be adding many of the features which people have requested in the survey to those which have already been suggested in this forum. You can also vote for existing ideas and we’ll try to focus on those which are most important to you.

RentPro message bar: For more urgent system-related messages keep an eye out for the red message bar which will appear at the top of your RentPro screen for any priority messages such as upcoming maintenance windows, or any specific platform issues. Hopefully you’ll not see it too often!

We’re also considering setting up a dedicated forum area for RentPro users to be able to engage with each other directly, to discuss RentPro or to discuss letting matters in general, and to lend a helping hand or offer advice to other forum users. We’ll let you know once we’ve made a firm decision on this. In the meantime, why not let us know what you think of the idea?


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