Scottish government propose plans to introduce MEES for landlords

The Scottish government have published proposals to ensure all private rented homes meet the minimum standards of energy efficiency and have an EPC rating of E from 2019, increasing to D by 2022.

Landlords will be given a six-month period to improve their properties from the point of assessment and with those who fail to comply will be subject to a fine.

Scottish housing minister, Kevin Stewart, advised the proposals would help raise the quality and standard of housing within the private sector and support the government’s measures to tackle fuel poverty.

He said: “Energy efficiency is a national priority and is key to tackling fuel poverty and meeting our ambitious climate change targets”.

“Private renting makes up 14% of Scotland’s homes and is an increasingly important housing option for many people in Scotland at different points in their lives. It is only fair that tenants who rent privately have access to good quality and energy efficient homes”.

Stewart added: “Minimum standards have a key role to play in driving improvement. While most private landlords are delivering homes to modern, highly energy efficient standards, we must recognise that there are also tenants living in some of the least energy efficient homes in Scotland. These people face higher energy bills and are at greater risk of being pushed into fuel poverty.

The consultation sets out proposals aimed at balancing the need to improve the energy efficiency in homes whilst maintaining a successful private rented sector.

The Scottish government are hoping the consultation will open a discussion with landlords, tenants and other interested parties to understand their views on the proposals which will help assist them in achieving their goal of eliminating energy efficiency as a cause of fuel poverty.

John Blackwood, chief executive of the Scottish Association of Landlords, welcomed the consultation: “We look forward to contributing to the conversation on how we can improve energy efficiency in the private rented sector and deal with the issue of how to treat properties in some parts of Scotland”.

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