Students in Scotland reject Government proposed tenancy reforms

New legislation to affect tenancy terms in Scotland

A survey carried out by campaign group PRS4Scotland, has revealed that students want a tenancy for their specific needs.  A clear majority of students surveyed wanted to keep costs down with tenancy arrangements that matched the 9-10 month academic year – yet such tenancies would be abolished under the government’s new plans for a single, open-ended contract.  54% of those responding would prefer to keep the current fixed term tenancies (with possible option to renew in discussion with landlord) while 45% strongly agree that there should be an option for a flexible or short term tenancy agreement agreed between landlord and tenant at the outset, underscoring the point that different students need different options.

Dan Cookson from PRS4Scotland commented that these ‘research findings show that, while clearly well-intentioned, the government’s one-size-fits-all approach to tenancies will cause huge problems for tenants and landlords alike.’

Read the full story on: Scottish Housing News

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