Tenancy Deposits: Be a Pro

No one likes dealing with complaints, but more tenants than ever are complaining about problems with their deposits. Calls to Shelter’s housing helpline have shot up by over 80% in the last two years and now account for one in every twenty calls.

It’s understandable perhaps when you consider that the average deposit on a privately rented home is now £979 (DCLG figures). At a time when more people than ever are struggling to make ends meet this is a lot of money to put at risk.

Disputes over deposits at the end of a tenancy can be an ordeal for both landlords and tenants. However, deposit protection schemes, such asmy|deposits, can help resolve such disagreements, improving landlord and tenant relationships and raising professional standards in the private rented sector.

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RentPro property management software lets you easily record when a deposit has been paid and also that it has been lodged with a deposit protection scheme.

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