The best ways to increase a property’s value

Many homeowners this year are finding new and creative ways to increase their overall property value. One of the oldest and most popular methods of adding additional value and at the same time minimizing spending costs is the instalment of extra bedrooms or bathrooms. Basing their reports on average house pricing, the Nationwide Building Society released a statement showing that an extra bathroom could add 4.9% or up to £9,600 to the value of a home in the UK. By increasing the floor space as well, an additional 10% value or up to £10,000 could also fit comfortably on top of its worth.An added bedroom has the potential to net around 11% gain or £22,100. While these traditional methods of renovation to add value are very effective and worth noting, the absolute best way to increase your property’s value without having to overspend is loft conversion.

Loft conversion is the practice of utilising extra overhead space in the household and converting it into a bedroom, living room, or storage area. According to a report by the Nationwide Building Society, converting airspace into a loft could possibly result in a boost in value of about 22%, or £42,700. This is a huge increase considering the relatively low costs associated with the renovation costs involved. If you’re planning on utilising a man and van service to move house anytime in the near future and are intending on selling the property, loft conversion is the way to go in order to make it more attractive for potential buyers and increase the value. The only question remaining is: how do you go about implementing your plan? Now, whether it is actually feasible to perform a loft conversion in your house will depend on a variety of factors. The existing shape and pitch of the roofing of the house will contribute greatly to the likelihood, or lack thereof, of successfully pulling off a loft conversion.

The quickest and easiest way to determine if you have enough headspace for a loft is to stand in the centre of the room and measure the distance. An ideal height should be about 8ft, although it’s possible in some instances to get away with a 7ft loft. If you’re unsure about the process, consider consulting a professional loft conversion team to properly assess the costs involved and provide you with an estimate for the renovation. One thing you definitely want to watch out for is if your spending begins to exceed the expected return amount. The loft should end up paying for itself and finding the correct team to help you is the all-important first step in the process.Be sure to ask for as many quotes as you can to get the best and most competitive pricing.

With all of this information under your wing, we’re sure that you’re excited by the prospect and ready to jump in headfirst. But let’s ask ourselves a question first: is it really worth it for us to go through the hassle and trouble of renovating my house and do a loft conversion? The answer is that ultimately, the decision to invest in a home is a personal one, and a good amount of time should be spent planning and considering the costs involved, hassle, potential benefits. Keeping all of that in mind, our experts at Super Man With A Van Removal Services can attest to the added value and positive benefit of having a loft conversion added to a property.

There are potential downsides to doing a loft conversion, though. Always keep these in mind in order to allow you to make sound decisions. We’ve already mentioned about potential hassle and additional money spent on the labor and construction crew, but there are other factors involved such as planning permissions, building regulations, and any number of required surveys for the renovation. While you may have less of a hard time dealing with the electricity factor, you’ll definitely run into trouble when it comes to the plumbing, especially if your house utilizes an older system. A loft can also heat up immensely if proper insulation is not put in place, so you may end up having to update or even replace insulation around the ceiling area. Building regulations are usually very strict at this point, and failure to comply with the standards may result in a rejected claim for construction work.

Overall though, adding a loft definitely has more pros than cons; find what works best for you and calculate overall expected costs and returns associated with the project. Some homeowners have found great success and were even able to increase their property’s value by over £80,000 by renovating and adding a combination of bedroom, bathroom, and loft.It does not take much strength to do things, but it takes a great deal of strength to decide what to do.

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