Maximise your revenue


RentPro is so easy to use that entering data will quickly become second nature, vastly reducing the time you spend on admin tasks. You'll then be free to focus on running and growing your business!


RentPro simplifies the recording and tracking of maintenance activity, from the initial call from a tenant, through completion of the work by your suppliers, to charging the landlord for the complete maintenance service your agency is providing, relieving them of the hassle that poorly managed maintenance can often spell.

Many agencies do not even offer a full maintenance service which, if managed via RentPro, can provide a lucrative revenue stream. With the ability to specify preferred suppliers, automatic emails to relevant parties as the maintenance progresses, and simple invoicing to the landlord, RentPro ensures that you have full visibility so that nothing falls between the cracks.


If you're not receiving rent on time, you can't fulfil your obligations to your landlords, and you can't charge for this rent collection service as promptly as you should. Cashflow is king in any business, and RentPro shows you clearly when tenants are falling behind on rent and allows you manage these in a realistic and practical manner, with features such as one-click generation of arrears letters, and payment thresholds so that you’re not continually bothered with small or pre-agreed delays.


If a property is empty for a period of time, then it's not generating income for either you or the landlord, so it's imperative that these voids are minimised. RentPro alerts you when tenancies are ending so that you can begin the process of marketing that property on your website and/or chosen portals (e.g. Rightmove, Zoopla), or matching the property to your prospect list – all from within RentPro.