Tailored to your business

Other packages I've tried before RentPro needed me to change my way of working. But RentPro helps me work my way, and the first-class support team are there to help any time I need some guidance.

Mike Dawson
Woo Properties, Nottingham


RentPro was introduced to the market in 2004, born from a web application developed for a local letting agent who had outgrown his Excel spreadsheets. Having worked closely with a large number of letting agents and private landlords, in all regions throughout the British Isles, we know that every business is different. Not in the clich�d sense, but in terms of preferred tenancy durations, rent due dates, and the manner in which fees and expenses are applied. RentPro can be easily configured to suit the way you work.


Everyone likes their letters and reports to reflect their company brand, and RentPro accommodates this, allowing you to customise your correspondence with your logo and agency details. The system comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive standard set of document templates covering everything from tenancy agreements (ASTs) to arrears letters. Your own templates can also be uploaded, allowing you to create letters to tenants, landlords and suppliers with just a few mouse clicks.


Whatever way you work, whether your management fees are based on a percentage or a flat fee, if you collect rent on the first of each month or the 18th, RentPro helps you work your own way. It supports your existing business processes instead of demanding you change to new and often uncomfortable styles of working, a common complaint about other software packages.


Although RentPro is packed with features which help you bring increased efficiency to your lettings business, it has been designed so that you can focus on what's important to you. The application dashboard highlights key information to you at a glance, so that you don't have to go digging for important figures and dates. The system does the thinking for you and lets you know what needs your attention. You can configure which of these summaries and alerts appear on your own dashboard.