RDI Property Management - Liverpool, England

RDI Property Management logoThe RentPro team came up with the complete package – a top notch application, comprehensive training and unbeatable support.

Darren McClellan, RDI Property Management


As an existing property investor and developer in the Liverpool area, Darren McClellan saw the opportunity to expand his business interests by offering his property management expertise to others in the form of residential lettings management. As a consequence, RDI Property Management was established.

To offer a professional service to landlords, Darren soon identified the need to employ a residential lettings solution that met the following criteria:

  • Configurable to reflect management fee structures, rent due dates, etc, applied by his letting agency;
  • Expert consultancy on hand to ensure that an effective solution was deployed;
  • Comprehensive training packages from the solution providers, and
  • Data import facilities to load his existing management data onto the application.


Having identified RentPro as the most suitable and cost-effective solution available, Darren engaged the RentPro team to ensure that the efficient processes were put in place and that all staff members quickly acquired the appropriate knowledge to get up and running with the system.

Initially a RentPro consultant spoke to Darren to understand his existing business practices and fee structures. Soon after the consultation, Darren was up and running with a system that reflected his individual situation.

As an established letting agent, managing large numbers of properties, Darren wanted to load his existing landlord, property and tenant data onto his RentPro installation as quickly as possible. To assist with this, Darren availed of the data load option provided by RentPro to ensure that his precious time was focused on growing his business – not bedding in a software application.

Finally, to ensure that his staff were using RentPro to its full potential, and understood the many benefits and features it provides, a RentPro trainer spent a day on-site with the staff of RDI Property Management. Darren commented that the training provided an ideal mix of product familiarisation, hands-on exercises and a useful analysis of the agency’s processes and workflows.


By adopting RentPro as his rental management solution, Darren and his team have found that the time spent on admin tasks within his agency has been significantly reduced. The additional training and data load exercises were key factors in the quick, smooth integration of RentPro into RDI’s operations. Darren believes that the personalised training, addressing his specific situation, was well worth the time and money, which was quickly recouped in staff efficiency.

With the RentPro solution now an integral part of his business, Darren is delighted with the helpful and responsive support provided by the RentPro team who are now viewed as an extension to his letting agency.