What if I don't want to continue using RentPro after my trial expires?

Simple - you don't need to do anything! You can just stop using your trial account and the account (and all data contained within it) will be automatically removed in due course by the system. Of course, we'd love if you could take a moment to tell us why RentPro didn't fulfil your property management requirements so that we may consider if there is room for improvement in future.

What happens to my trial data when I upgrade?

When you upgrade from your trial account to a full paying account all your data remains intact. The account status is simply updated to indicate that it is now a fully paid up subscription.

What help and support is available during my free trial?

Early in your trial period you will receive a phone call from one of our sales team to check that you understand how to get up and running, and to ensure that you're aware of the various help material available. The online help documentation is available from within RentPro, and if you can't find the answer you're looking for there you can raise a support request from the help platform, and one of our team will get back to you by email swiftly. Phone support is only available to paying RentPro Max customers.

Is the trial account limited in any way?

No, your trial account is fully functional so that you can investigate and enjoy all the features available within RentPro.

However, some additional external functionality such as portal uploads which require configuration by the RentPro team will not be available on trial accounts. We will also not be able to assist with the generation of custom letter templates on trial accounts.