5 tips for hosting a property viewing in spring

It’s quite common to start thinking about putting a property on the market in spring, as buyers typically start looking for homes at this time of year. So how can you ensure a successful property viewing in these competitive times? Rose Jinks, on behalf of Just Landlords, makes some practical suggestions.

In addition, the huge number of homeowners deciding to sell up in the spring may be joined this year by reams of landlords choosing to get rid of some of their investment properties ahead of new Government tax changes.

As a result, you may be faced with heightened competition, meaning that it’s vital to present your property in the best light and make it stand out from the crowd.

These top tips will ensure that homeowners and landlords alike show off the best sides of their properties to potential buyers this spring:

1. Sort out the garden

Your garden may have become unkempt or overgrown over the winter, particularly with the strong winds and bad weather we’ve experienced recently. As such, it’s important to start getting out into the garden when you can to cut back the bushes, mow the lawn and clear up any fallen branches or fence panels.

Even if your garden is in a fairly good condition, remember that outdoor space is a key selling point to buyers, so try to make improvements where possible. Simply planting some bright flowers will instantly add some energy and appeal to the garden, while a neat vegetable patch is aspirational to potential buyers.

In addition, it’s a good idea to show off the potential of your outside space with some outdoor furniture, a barbecue or a nicely painted shed – anything that will help your buyers imagine themselves living in the property and, most importantly, enjoying themselves there.

2. Brighten the place up

Bad weather and shorter days can really have a detrimental effect on your property, and buyers want to see their potential future home looking its best. If the woodwork has become a little battered over the last few months, the paintwork has chipped, or minor repairs need sorting out, now is the best time to do it.

Just Landlords, an award-winning provider of Landlord Insurance, advises all property owners to address small issues before they get out of hand. For example, if you have a loose roof tile, it is worth arranging the work to be carried out now for a small fee, rather than waiting for it to cause substantial damage to the property.

Similarly, giving the property (inside and outside) a quick lick of paint in a neutral colour will transform the whole feel when prospective buyers walk in, and it won’t cost you too much.

3. Give the property a spring clean

 It’s the prime time of year for homeowners, landlords and tenants to think about giving their properties a thorough spring clean ahead of the summer months. And this is particularly important for those trying to sell their homes.

One of the first things buyers will notice is if a property is unclean. When someone comes round to your house for a property viewing, it is vital that they don’t pick up any bad smells or spot some grime. To avoid an instant turn-off, start tackling the property one room at a time.

When trying to sell a property, it’s essential that you don’t miss any parts out – you will need to clean all of the woodwork, surfaces, fixtures and fittings, windows, doors, carpets, furniture and everything in between! Missing a spot could be the thing that stops a potential buyer putting an offer in – so don’t hold back on the spring clean!

4. Let the fresh air in

It’s all well and good having a repainted, super clean property, but if the place feels a bit stale or last night’s dinner is still in the air, your guests won’t feel the buzz you want them to when they step into the home.

Before each property viewing, leave all of the windows open for an hour or two, to really let in the fresh, spring air. It is much more effective than air fresheners or candles, as it will not only eradicate any bad smells, but also create a completely brighter atmosphere.

Also, your prospective buyers may think you have something to hide if they see a plug-in air freshener in every room – simply opening the windows and refreshing the air supply will make your property smell and feel good.

5. Put out some bright flowers

 While it is important that you don’t put too much of your own personality into the property when hosting viewings, it is always pleasant for prospective buyers to step into a property that feels like a home and has some character.

One simple trick is to place some bright flowers in nice vases around the property – don’t overdo it; all you need is a bunch in the hallway, in the dining room, and maybe in the master bedroom.

Fresh flowers will instantly brighten up a potential buyer’s day and show them that your property is beaming with charm and personality.

With these top tips, you should be able to beat off the competition and host successful property viewings this spring.

Rose Jinks, on behalf of Just Landlords, is an expert in the buy-to-let sector and property industry.

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