5 tips to improve the exterior of any property

First impressions count, and when it comes to properties, this saying couldn’t be more true. The condition of your building’s exterior influences the way people view you and the contents of your  home, so whether you’re a homeowner hoping to sell your domestic dwelling, or a commercial business trying to influence your customers and clients, the exterior needs to look the part. This week we feature a guest post from freelance writer Patrick Vernon on maintaining your home exterior.

1. Fix stains

Heavy rain lashing against the walls and long, hot summers can cause the materials to look a little worse for wear. So, begin by pressure cleaning concrete, brickwork and render as these materials typically become stained with dirt and debris. Just be careful to use the right products when you’re cleaning, as chemicals containing acids can attack the bonds that hold materials like concrete together.

2. Mend wear and tear

Peeling paint work should be sanded back and reapplied with a fresh coat of paint, as well as a sealant to prevent further flaking. If the exterior of your property is beginning to crack, investigate whether any structural work needs doing and hire qualified professionals to repair damage – rotting wood and rusted metal will need smartening up too.

It might also be worth replacing the guttering and clearing out drains while you’re doing general repairs to the exterior of the property. Unchecked, these kinds of structures can lead to further staining and damage, as well as causing unpleasant odours and generally making the property look run down.

3. Care for glass

Glass is used in many modern buildings, so it’s important that it’s sparkling and clear. Calcium and magnesium deposits can accumulate (something that’s likely to have happened if your property’s irrigation system ever splashes water on the windows), causing lime scale to build up. Hire professional window cleaners to clean it properly and prevent long term damage to the glass.

4. Restore the driveway 

If a driveway or parking area has become cracked and crumbly, it gives the impression that it won’t be able to withstand further traffic. So, pull up weeds and clear the tarmac of water, leaves and debris. Then you’ll need to repair the damage before sealing the driveway, using either one of these options. Tarmac sealant is popular because it’s easy to apply and looks smart and professional, but you can also use block paving sealant if you have a driveway or parking area comprising of paving blocks or cobbles.

5. Landscape the greenery

Finally, make sure that the greenery is well manicured. Professional landscaping will make the most of the property and its surrounding land: for instance, a small building will benefit from reducing the height and volume of the greenery surrounding it, so that the property doesn’t look too small for its surroundings. Equally, larger scale trees and natural structures will make an imposing building look less out of place by mirroring its size. At the very least, make sure the bin area is kept neat and tidy and that there are no odd smells emitting from the property.

Patrick Vernon is a freelance writer, specialising in business and finance related content. Patrick has gained experience writing for a variety of magazines and websites, researching the latest money making tips and offering his advice to the public.

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