Accelerated possessions now move at snail’s pace

slump in buy-to-let investment
Tax and regulatory changes have resulted in a slump in investment in the buy-to-let sector.

So-called ‘seven day evictions’ have come to end after change to the process of accelerated possession. The standard eviction process in England and Wales requires landlords and letting agents to make possession claims through the county court which can then be enforced by county court bailiffs. With a backlog of cases it can sometimes take several weeks for bailiffs to carry out evictions. In some cases, landlords can apply for their case to be transferred to the High Court once a possession order has been made, so that a High Court Enforcement Officer can carry out the eviction. Such accelerated possessions are set to take much longer after the Ministry of Justice has changed the process for obtaining Writs of Possession, adding a further two steps to the application process and an additional £200 fee.


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