Agents and landlords who reject benefit claimants breaking equality laws

landlords and agents breaking equality laws
Landlords and agents who refuse tenants on benefits breaking equality laws

Landlords and letting agents who reject housing benefit claimants could be flouting equality laws, due to a recent legal case.

Although widespread, agents and landlords may have to review their policies and procedures after single mother Rosie Keough won compensation for sex discrimination from a letting agency that refused to consider her as a tenant because she was in receipt of state benefit.

Ms Keough successfully argued that blanket bans on benefit claimants indirectly discriminated against women, especially single women, as they are proportionately more likely to be claiming housing benefit.

Her attempt to rent a property in Birmingham in May 2016 was blocked when the letting agent found she would be paying some of the rent via housing benefit. This was despite the fact that she had been living in the same property for 11 years with the rent being consistently paid on time and in full.


Full story available from BBC News:


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