Attract the right tenants with the right look

Finding the right tenants can be one of the biggest challenges facing landlords and letting agents. If a tenant’s lifestyle doesn’t fit in with the property or the area, it can lead to them not wanting to see their contract through, leaving you with the financial burden of an empty property. However, if you put a little time and effort in at the beginning of a tenancy it can save a fair few headaches further down the line.

Planning your tenant checklist

To begin with, you need to decide what type of tenants you’re hoping to attract. Students, young professionals, couples, and families will all be looking for different things. Decide on who your property is most suited to and then there will be several steps you can take to make the property more appealing to them. If you’re hoping to attract single young professionals, listing a smaller spare bedroom as an office will pique their interest. But, if you’re hoping to attract families the same room could be listed as a playroom or nursery.

Furnish your investment

It’s becoming common for tenants to expect furniture to be of a certain standard, so the way you furnish your rental properties can make a huge difference in the type of tenants you attract. Choosing good quality, hardwearing furniture is not only a good investment for you but also your tenants. There are studies to show that furnished properties bring in more rent for landlords. A little extra expense at the beginning of a tenancy will result in not only attracting the tenants you’re looking for, but also could yield savings in the long run (as you won’t need to constantly replace broken or easily worn cheaper furniture).

Considering the style of your rental property when choosing furniture can really make a difference. Looking for further tips on how to decorate? With items to suit the style of your property, along with some suggestions for making the most of your space, this guide from Laura Ashley can help bring the right look for your property to life.

With tips and a bit of time to consider some of the smaller details, you can save some of the stresses of being a landlord. And, with good photos and an impressive first viewing it won’t go unnoticed by the right tenants.

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