Average UK rent at £745.97 per month

The average rent in the UK is £745.97 and 63% of tenants reported that their rent remained the same as this time last year, research from the National Landlord Association reveals.

The research also showed that an overwhelming 79% of tenants were satisfied with their current landlord and that the length of time tenants remain in the same rental property indicated high satisfaction levels.

Some 46% of tenants have lived in their current rental home for four or more years and a further 24% lived in their current accommodation between two and four years.

The research also revealed that whilst the majority, 71% of tenants rented because they couldn’t afford to buy, for some renting was the tenure of choice; 9% of tenants prefer the flexibility that renting offers and a further 9% said that they ccould afford to rent properties that they couldn’t afford to buy.

Story from Mortgage Introducer

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