Bring the spring into your rental property

Good housekeeping goes a long way when it comes to letting properties. A well-maintained property creates a happy living environment, and in turn, you can relax knowing you have happy tenants. This week we feature a guest post from freelance writer Patrick Vernon looking at ways to maintain your rental property this spring.

A spring makeover is a good way to look after your investment and ensure it’s still a highly sellable, and attractive living space. When tenants do decide it’s time to move out, it never hurts to show potential renters round a well-loved home, that’s been well looked after.

Although tenants are generally expected to maintain a general level of cleanliness, a spring-clean, organised by the landlord, can give properties a new lease of life at this time of year. This should include a deep clean of everything, containing the basics; the oven, fridge, walls – right down to the doormat. There are so many cleaning hacks out there to get you started.

Cleaning to a makeover standard may also require a checklist. This downloadable checklist from the cleaning supply company, Brosch Direct is really useful when making sure every inch of your home is covered!

The first thing potential tenants see when looking around your rental property is the décor and upkeep, so it’s a good idea to deep clean the important areas that are seen immediately when a viewing takes place.

Key things to cover in your spring cleaning routine:

  • Carpets and rugs
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Electrical appliances
  • Windows and Doors
  • Cupboards and Counter Tops

Although these may seem like the obvious places to tackle, it can really make a difference. If you really want your property to shine, you might need to take a deeper look. How are the gutters and drains looking? What’s the current state of the garden and painting work? Potential tenants often drive past a property, dirt build up and the sight of peeling paint isn’t going to convince them to book a viewing. Maintain the outside of your property to present a well-kept, inviting future home.

It’s the little touches that count

Making a house a home requires more than some simple cleaning. Spring is the perfect opportunity to declutter – something that would usually sit with current occupants. For a property that oozes welcome, try and brighten up the place with some flowers and plants too. A small vase and some pretty flowers is the kind of little touch that could make your place the most memorable over others.

This season is also a good time to ensure current tenants are keeping up with responsibilities that lie with them. There are some tasks existing tenants can help with:

  • Light bulbs and fuses.
  • Blocked drains (internal – due to a build-up of hair/food etc.)
  • Cleaning of carpets during their tenancy and again on exit.
  • Mould due to condensation
  • Maintain the garden (unless otherwise agreed in the terms of the lease)

Step into spring with a rental property to be proud of and clean your way to success this year!

Patrick Vernon is a freelance writer, specialising in business and finance related content. Patrick has gained experience writing for a variety of magazines and websites, researching the latest money making tips and offering his advice to the public.

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