Discover a way to serve a section 21 notice faster, less expensive and with greater security

RentPro has been partnered with Mailsoft Solutions for some time now and currently provides two services through RentPro: Registered Emails and Electronic Signatures, of which we explain in more details the benefits of these services in the following post:

Did you know however that many agents that use Mailsoft Solutions also use the Registered Emails service to serve Section 21 Notices.  Although service by email is now acceptable legal practice, proof of receipt is essential, but is something that is not possible with standard email. This is where the Registered Email service comes in.

When a notice is served via an Registered Email message the sender receives a Registered Receipt™ containing proof as to the sender, the content, the recipient, the device the message was received on and, exact time of delivery and opening of the message. This information is independently authenticated and can be used in a court of law, and when tested, it has proven to contain more evidential weight than other methods of delivery as previously mentioned, all this for only 50p per email.

Mailsoft have a great article on their blog on using the Registered Email for sending Section 21 Notices why not check it out to find out more:

Or if you would like to avail of the Mailsoft Solution services through your RentPro account simply go to Admin > Control Panel > Configuration and click on the link ‘ Enable Registered Email and Electronic Signature services’, or on the link that appears in any of the email pop-ups that appear when you wish to send a letter or email.

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