Green Deal Legal Framework is in place

Since 1 October 2012 authorised Green Deal assessors and providers can offer ‘whole house’ property assessments and discuss packages of improvements with householders. From 28 January 2013 Green Deal finance plans may be agreed. You can find out more, including how to book an assessment, from the Energy Saving Advice Sercice (ESAS). In addition, Green Deal Quick Guides can be found on the DECC website.

What impact will it have on tenants and landlords?

According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change “the private rental sector has the highest proportion of least energy efficient homes – 5.8% of G-rated properties compared with 3.4% in owner-occupier.” It appears that this sector has the most to gain from the Green Deal, both for tenants and for landlords.  The Green Deal will enable households to improve the energy efficiency of their properties so less energy is consumed and less money is wasted.  For tenants this means warmer, more comfortable properties to live in that suffer from less condensation and damp than a cold, poorly heated property.  As a result tenants may in future actually look for properties which have benefited from a Green Deal upgrade as they will have smaller energy bills.

Any landlord wishing to upgrade their property using a Green Deal loan must obtain the written permission of their tenant or undertake the works when the property is void. Landlords will also be unable to refuse a tenant’s reasonable request for energy efficiency upgrades funded through Green Deal or ECO by 2016.   Taking into consideration that from 2018 it will be illegal to let a property that does not have a minimum EPC rating of E, this could be an ideal time to make any necessary improvements.  Landlords with Affordable Warmth eligible tenants may be able to get insulation work for free as well as be able to apply for a new free boiler or boiler repair if the existing boiler has broken down.

RentPro helps you to streamline maintenance.  With any works that are carried out on the property RentPro can assist you with keeping track of these works from the initial request for work through completion of the work by your suppliers, to charging the landlord for the complete maintenance service your agency is providing, relieving them of the hassle that poorly managed maintenance can often spell.


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