Hands off property investment set to become more popular, it is claimed

Attract portfolio landlords by allowing them their own secure login to view statements and balances.

It is becoming increasingly attractive to become a hands off property investor after recent figures suggest the number of portfolio landlords making a loss has risen from 1% to 8%, it is claimed.

Figures from the BDRC Landlord Panel Research report show a big rise in the number of portfolio landlords making a loss and researchers at property investment company Colordarcy believe that many of the pitfalls experienced by landlords can be avoided by investing in fully managed properties with guaranteed rental.

‘Many buy to let investors prefer to do it hands on, however, it is worth remembering that property investing is a business and trying to do everything yourself is actually counter productive in the end, as this recent survey shows,’ said Loxley McKenzie, Colordarcy managing director.

He pointed out that the more time you spend on maintaining properties and dealing with tenant issues, which can happen at any time of the week, day or night, the less time you will have spare to source properties and grow your portfolio.

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RentPro property management software allows you to provide an additional service to your landlords by giving them their own individual login to get a read only view of the information held on their properties at any time and even allowing them to produce their own statements.  Providing this access to a landlord who is entrusting you with their portfolio shows that you are willing to work not only for them but with them in making their portfolio a profitable one.

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