Help your tenants make their house a home

Even though they don’t own the property, people that rent still of course want to make the space their own and to make it more homely.

While it’s important that you as the landlord set out what’s allowed and not allowed in terms of changes they can make, there are still a number of ways that they can make changes that won’t impact on the property. Set ground rules as part of the lease you draw up with them; for example, perhaps you are unwilling to allow the wall colour to be changed without prior approval? It’s important not to close the door on suggestions like this though as your property might get an update aesthetically without you having to spend any extra cash and that’s a win-win situation for you as the property owner.

The guys over at EZ Living have put together this infographic which gives some nice suggestions that tenants can think about carrying out to the property. Check it out below!

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