How to make your flat’s balcony feel bigger

Do you remember when you first came to look around your flat? The balcony was a real winner. You ignored everything else because you just began to fantasise about how much time you would spend out on that balcony, looking down on the world, reading a book.

And then what happened? You moved in and suddenly the balcony looked smaller. You can fit a chair out there, but it feels kind of… cramped. It’s not appealing. So you put your bike there instead. And some plastic boxes of stuff you need to sort through some day. What a waste!

With a bit of imagination and some design hacks, you can turn even the smallest balcony into a pleasant and roomy-feeling place to be. Start by hanging a mirror. Ta-da! Now it feels twice as big! You can see further around you, and the space has immediately become much brighter.

And the beaten-up old armchair you put out there because it seemed comfy? Comfy yes. But too big for the space. Choose a wicker chair, or a Perspex one, that lets the light through. It looks so much brighter and better.

And while you’re at it, ask your landlord if you can put up a shelf. And put it up high. A shelf high on your balcony will accentuate the dimensions of the space. It draws your eye up so you feel like you have more room around you. Room to move, read, breathe, have a chat and a glass of wine. Balcony bliss!

For more ideas, and how to fix up your tiny rented garden to look massive too, check out this new infographic from On Stride.

John Cole writes on behalf of NeoMam Studios. A digital nomad specializing in leadership, digital media, and personal growth topics, his passions include world cinema and biscuits. A native Englishman, he is always on the move, but can most commonly be spotted in the UK, Norway, and the Balkans.


Photo by Sina Khansari on Unsplash

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