Inventory disputes see increase in successful outcomes for landlords

Figures from the Tenant Deposit Scheme Annual Review 2015 show that for the first time since the start of the tenant deposit schemes in 2007 in the UK, more landlords and agents are being awarded 100% of the disputed amount at adjudications than tenants. The figures show that in all disputes raised by landlords or agents, 100% pay outs were awarded to the landlord in 19.8% of cases and to the tenant in 19.2% of cases. In the remaining cases the disputed money was split between the parties.  According to Jax Kneppers, CEO of Imfuna, more and more landlords and agents now recognise the power of comprehensive inventory activity when it comes to deposit disputes. Those who have switched from analogue to digital inventories have seen their tenant deposit disputes drop by more than 300% and their success rate at adjudications improve by an average of 75%.

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