Labour plan to introduce more regulation in the private rental sector

The Labour party have promised there will be a ‘consumer rights revolution’ for the private rental sector if they win the upcoming General Election on 8th June, however failed to make a comment on the letting fee ban.

John Healey, the party’s spokesman, advised they are planning to develop a new set of minimum standards that will “call time on bad landlords” who rent out poor quality properties.

According to the Labour party, Tenants spend £800m each month on homes which the government defines as ‘non-decent’, with almost a quarter of this paid by housing benefit.

Currently there are no minimum standards in place for the private rental sector with tenants relying on the council’s environmental teams to eliminate unfit properties.

The party are claiming that they would consult with landlords and professionals on a new set of legal standards to ensure properties are ‘fit for human habitation’, if they were elected to form the next government.   Standards such as; safe wiring and appliances, freedom from serious damp and vermin infestation, appropriate water and sewage facilities and general good repair are to form part of the minimum standards Labour has proposed.

John Healey has also promised to give councils new controls over the licencing of landlords and powers to impose fines on landlords who fail to comply.

He said: “Our homes are at the centre of our lives but at the moment renters too often don’t have basic consumer rights that we take for granted in other areas.   In practice you have fewer rights renting a family home than you do buying a fridge-freezer.  As a result, too many are forced to put up with unacceptable, unfit and downright dangerous housing”.

Healey added: “The number of families renting from a private landlord has soared since 2010 but decisions made by conservative ministers have made it easier for a minority of bad landlords to game the system. Most landlords provide decent homes that tenants are happy with, but these rogue landlords are ripping off both renters and the taxpayer by making billions from rent and housing benefit letting out sub-standard homes.”.

The Labour spokesman claims the Conservatives have “no plan to fix the housing crisis” suggesting that a Labour government would give control back to renters, by introducing a set of minimum standards and give councils the powers they need to enforce controls on rogue landlords.

The tenant fee ban, proposed by the current Chancellor Philip Hammond, was not mentioned by the Labour party or their spokesman however, it may still appear in the party manifesto which is due to be published later this month.

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