Landlord login accounts

Whether you’re a buy-to-let landlord managing your own properties, or a letting agent managing properties on behalf of multiple landlords, the landlord sits in the centre of the management picture. The property belongs to the landlord, who will be the primary recipient of the rental income and most other revenue generated by the property, and the landlord is your client to whom you have a duty to provide the best service you can.

RentPro Business offers residential letting agents a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of landlord and property activities and accounts, and the RentPro Solo package is particularly tailored to individual landlords with their own portfolios. However, RentPro Business also offers agents the ability to grant their own client landlords limited access to their system, bringing a host of benefits to both parties.

As an agent using our property management software, you can create a user account for any of your landlords which they can then access in the same way as the core system users. The landlord will see a greatly reduced feature set, focused on their portfolio, and completely isolated from all other landlords. They can view details of their managed properties, payments and balances, maintenance activities and any management notes which you have marked as public.

The letting agent benefits in several ways, mainly the quality and scope of the service you can offer to your landlords. Giving them access to your management software via an Internet browser, means that they have full visibility of all management (and maintenance) activities on their properties, and all payments and accounts, and they get a sense of transparency in their dealings with your agency.  They are much more likely to advocate your management services to other landlords.

Another important upshot of this feature is that the landlord is less likely to be contacting your office and taking up your valuable time with trivial queries which they can resolve themselves via their access to your property management system.

To configure landlord access, simply go to Admin > Control Panel > User Accounts, add a new user account and select Landlord as the access level, then choose the landlord with which this account will be associated. The simply send the landlord details of their new username, and the web address for your system, e.g. and they can enjoy the benefits of their own client account.


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