Managing damp and mould in rented homes

Landlords are responsible under the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS) for treating damp and mould in rented properties. In this guest post, David Cooper from Funky Heat explains how damp and mould affect tenants’ health, and inevitably lead to complaints, and suggests some way to help prevent it.

If you have tenants living in damp and mould conditions in your property they are, are according to NHS Choices, more likely to have respiratory problems, respiratory infections, allergies or asthma. Damp and mould can affect their immune system.

The good news for both landlords and tenants is that nobody has to suffer those conditions because there is complete help out there. By installing air ventilation systems which send air around the property providing ventilation and or infrared heating panels which do not allow moisture or condensation to form as cold surfaces are warmed first before moisture can form on them.

Damp and mould will not therefore have the opportunity to appear, and all surfaces will be free of damp and mould. It can be expensive to have installed a whole house ventilation system even though the benefits are great because those systems are around £1200 to buy. However, if the damp and mould is only in one or two rooms of the property infrared heating panels of between 300 and 700 watts at prices between £145 and £195 are the solution. They will eradicate damp and mould and provide living accommodation which is far more pleasant to live in and will avoid tenants contracting asthma or other harmful illnesses.

There is a huge benefit for Landlords as well because they will not have tenants complaining to them about damp and mould or in some extreme cases inviting in the Local Authority to see for themselves. Re-decoration will be kept to a minimum also because with no damp and mould redecoration can be left for probably up to five years.

David Cooper currently works at Funky Heat, and has previously worked at Envirovent, where he has been all too familiar with the very real health problems which can arise from damp and mould within the home.

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