Optimising your Rightmove Adverts

Knowing that over 95% of people view properties online (with the majority using Rightmove),you may be interested in tips on optimising your Rightmove adverts.

The secret is understanding Rightmove’s marketing analysis tools. Each agent can run reports which show how many times a property has been viewed online, printed off, had more details requested etc.

The analysis can also rank properties in turns of their ‘Click Through Rates’ – (or CTR’s) – This is simply the % of people who have clicked through to view your property after it has appeared on their initial search. If 1 person out of 20 clicks for further information, your Click Through Rate is 5%.

The key is to monitor this report and make sure that your CTR is is high as possible. Rates near 10% are very good, below 5% are poor and require review. Quite simply if your CTR is doubled, it will mean twice as many viewers, more appointments and more applications.

You can see an example Rightmove Click Through Report here; https://s3.amazonaws.com/NPG/Rightmove+Click+Through+Rates.jpg

Once you understand this information, you can take action. Click Through Rates can be improved as follows;

1. Better Photographs, especially the main house photo

2. Better Summary Description – Use punchy text to grab peoples attention!

3. Better Pricing – Price too high and you will get fewer enquiries

4. Market as Featured or Premium Listings on Rightmove

In terms of the first 3 – this is fairly easy to understand. You only have a few seconds to WOW your target audience.

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