Oxford licensing of all HMOs is ‘draconian’, says agent

Prediction’s for 2012 have included that student accommodation will remain one of the UK’s best property investments and that there will be an increase in landlords renting out single rooms so what effect will the licensing of all HMO’s have on these predictions, will it simply be that any complying landlords will pass the cost onto tenants or will it reduce the number of these properties available and thus push the cost up further for any that are available as there will be even greater demand for these properties

A city council has started licensing every House in Multiple Occupation as from this week – with the decision proving highly divisive.

One agent called the selective licensing scheme ‘draconian’, while the local press reported claims that landlords would evict ‘hundreds’ of tenants who share properties.

Oxford Council now requires every landlord in the city who owns a property where there are three or more unrelated tenants to get an HMO licence.

Failure to do so could result in prosecution and a £20,000 fine. A licence for a typical three-bedroom shared house will cost £362.

The council, the first local authority in the country to introduce a HMO scheme beyond the mandatory one covering the whole of its area, says the new policy will involve licensing approximately 5,000 properties in total.

The council wants to restrict HMOs to one in five properties on any 100-metre stretch of road, which critics say will badly hit supply of student properties and also groups of other sharers such as nurses.

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