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Julian O’Dell, from Property Industry Eye, shares his concern over the way some agents conduct themselves whilst on viewings with prospective buyers or tenants.  In his experience, many viewings are rushed and provide poor quality information due to the agents lack of preparation.

Julian believes ‘preparation paves the way’ and believes in the philosophy ‘luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity’.  Therefore a lack of preparation could potentially result in missed opportunities.

It is important to remember that if a negotiator shows a prospective buyer or tenant around a property and they are impressed with the agent’s knowledge and professionalism during the viewing, they not only increase the chance of securing a deal but you may also improve their chances of gaining a new instruction, if that customer has their own property to sell or rent.

O’Dell believes there are five main areas of preparation agents must consider if they are to improve their chances of success.


Knowledge is key.  Agents should know the property they are showing and spend some time before the appointment trying to anticipate potential questions a viewer may have. For example; age, extensions, transport links, rental yield, council tax and so forth.   Many viewings fail due to a negotiators lack of knowledge causing the customer to lose confidence in the agent at an early stage.

It is advisable to arrive early to an appointment to allow time to prepare the property if necessary, by opening curtains or turning lights on, ensuring the property is shown to its full potential.


It is important to be aware of the applicant’s budget and reason for moving.  This information will help an agent point out the benefits of the property that match the needs of the customer, and lead to a more confident sales pitch.


The client’s requirements and needs must also be considered.  It is crucial to know why they are selling or renting the property and what their desired timescale is.  Having knowledge of what initially attracted the vendor or landlord to the property may help promote the property to a prospective customer.


When conducting a viewing it is important that agents have the right equipment with them to ensure prospective tenants or buyers get the most out of the viewing appointment.  Keys, information on sales or lettings services the agency offers, other potential property details, a smart phone with a compass facility, measuring tape and the property’s alarm code are all important tools that an agent should have readily available on every appointment.


It is best practice to ensure colleagues know where each other are and their expected return time when carrying out appointments.  All staff should have mobile phones with them while they are on viewings and any unknown tenants should be asked to meet at the agents office rather than the property address before the appointment.

Agents should have a code word or phrase that they can alert other members of staff if they should feel threatened or are in difficulty.  Any employee working outside the office hours or going home after a viewing should call the office manager to let them know that they are safe.

As the five key points above spell out, preparation PAVES the way to success.

Full article available on Property Industry Eye: http://www.propertyindustryeye.com/preparation-paves-the-way-to-successful-viewings-says-our-training-guru/

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