Registered Emails & Electronic Signatures

RentPro has partnered with Mailsoft Solutions to provide you with their registered email and electronic signature service which gives you the ability to create an authenticated legal, audit trail directly from RentPro.

The registered email service proves legal delivery, content and time for emails 100% of the time, regardless of recipient action.

For landlord, supplier and tenant letters it’s also possible to request an electronic signature from the recipient. Such signatures provide legal proof of Exchange, a verifiable & admissible record of the delivery transaction, electronic signature, content, and official time of signing.

We’re confident that you’ll be able to realise real productivity and cost savings by making use of these services. It’s simple and easy to enable within RentPro, and you only pay for what you use (50p per Registered E-mail).

Once the service has been activated on your account, you will see the additional option when emailing the above report/letters to send the email as Registered Email or where applicable to send Request Signature.

Watch video:

What it costs

The service is provided on a Pay as you Go basis and is at a fixed price of 50p per Registered E-mail. When compared to the price of Postage, Paper, Print Envelopes and Time (Estimated £1.20 per mail piece), you’ll see immediate cost savings.

  • No set up costs
  • No minimum usage
  • No limit to number of users
  • No minimum term or Lengthy contracts
  • Payment is collected by Direct Debit monthly in arrears.

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