Save time recording rent receipts with Bulk Transactions

Letting agents may receive rental payments in a variety of manners, either over the counter in cash or by cheque or, preferably, paid automatically into the bank account each rental period by direct debit or funds transfer. You don’t want to have to go through each tenancy in turn marking the payment as received – this could take a long time. Wouldn’t it be much better if you could see a list of all expected tenancy rental payments in one place, and tick them off to indicate they have been received, much like a bank reconciliation exercise.

The Bank > Bulk Transactions functionality within RentPro can massively reduce the amount of time taken to record these rent receipts into the system. On each tenancy there are flags to facilitate Auto-Tenant Collection and Auto-Benefit Collection which relate to the collection of rent and benefit components respectively, and these can be ticked where these payments are automatically received so that the payment due doesn’t have to be entered manually against the tenancy each time. Each rental period an entry is created in the bulk transactions screen along with all other expected payments and these can be reconciled quickly. Read all about how to use Bulk Transactions for rent receipts in our user manual.

Just another example of how RentPro property management software can help your letting agency operate much more efficiently, saving time and money, and helping you grow revenue.


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