SMS texts and alerts to landlords, tenants and suppliers

In everyday life, it’s hard to avoid SMS messages, and apart from the problems we all suffer with text overload in personal circles, it’s hard to argue with the immediacy of a text alert for business purposes. RentPro allows you to send SMS text messages to landlords, tenants and suppliers when you need to bring key events or information to their attention, all with a full audit log for traceability. 

At appropriate locations within the letting software package either a mobile phone icon or a simple Send Text Message button will denote where you can send an SMS message to either a landlord, tenant or supplier, depending on the context. As with all types of communications within web application software packages and in general, you must have consent from the recipient in order to contact them in this manner. If a mobile number is available for that person, you can additionally tick an SMS consent flag beside their contact details (by default this is unchecked). The SMS icon will appear only alongside people to whom you are permitted to send text messages. Similarly the Send SMS button will be disabled if the mobile number is not available or if consent hasn’t been provided.

Let’s illustrate a few examples of how letting agents can use text messaging within our rental management software. Within the Correspondence tab on a landlord view, the Send Text Message pops up a box where you can enter a free-form text message. On the Trouble Ticket view tickets assigned to suppliers who are “SMS-enabled” may have their summary details sent directly to them – the text is populated automatically with summary ticket details. This can serve as an alert that a new ticket requires attention, or a reminder to review an ongoing issue. And perhaps most usefully, at various locations in the property management software you’ll find an SMS icon accompanying rent or tenant balances, allowing you to quickly text tenants informing them of any balances or rental arrears.

Text message content may be prepared from templates in certain cases, e.g. , informing a tenant of a rent balance, where the balance figure is automatically populated into the message, or you may just enter free text if you prefer. In all cases you can delete and override any text in the message as you wish. Your agency’s contact details are automatically appended to all texts. Text messages come from “RentPro” or your agency name by default and cannot be replied to, but you can opt to have your SMS delivery configured to come from a designated mobile number and recipients are then able to reply to you. All text messages sent are fully logged in the correspondence audit trail.

You can purchase bundles of text messages from within RentPro via Control Panel > SMS Settings. Payments are processed securely via SagePay.  Any time you attempt to send a text message within RentPro you’ll see the number of text credits remaining. Prices vary from 5.5p per text (if you’re buying a block of 5000 credits) to 7.5p (if you’re buying the smallest block of 500 credits). Credits don’t expire so you can buy a larger block to avail of the bulk discount, and then just use them as you need them over time.

If you’d like to find out more about SMS text messaging within RentPro property management software, please contact us on 028 4175 4844 or by email at

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