Three quarters of buy to let properties purchased as means of investing in their family’s future

According to Barclays Mortgages latest data, the buy-to-let climate is very much thriving across the UK with three quarters of UK buy-to-let homeowners choosing to purchase their property in order to invest in their family’s future, including retirement and supplementing university fees.  The survey also revealed the regions where there has been a significant increase in buy-to-let properties purchased: Birmingham, Greater London, Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester.  The largest jump in buy to let purchases however was in Plymouth which went from 212th in the Barclays ranking last year, to 16th in 2015. Its growing economy and £90 million investment pledge from the Government as part of their support for seaside towns may be the reason behind the growing surge in the rental market, as more businesses flock to the South West.

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