With All the Financial Uncertainty, Is it Wise to Invest in Property?

The banking world is in tatters and one thing that global property needs to get back on its feet – if not to flourish – is the cooperation and support of the banks. So, the property markets can’t get back onto their feet until the banks recover, but, as the property crash was the largest contributory factor in the banking crash, the banks can’t get back on their feet until the property markets recover….

So why would anyone want to invest in such a costly asset as property amidst all this uncertainty? After all you are locked in to a property investment; it’s not like shares that you can just get rid of if things go badly…. people want to save for the future, but they are looking for something safer than high street (stock market based) pensions but that returns more than cash savings. Property investment is one of several avenues that are emerging as ticking both of those boxes.

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