Tenant receipts

Tenant rent and charge receipts

One of the most important activities in your agency is getting money promptly from tenants. RentPro clearly shows and tracks arrears, and lets you easily record receipt of rent, fees and security deposits, including full support for housing benefit payments.

Landlord and supplier payments

Stay on top of the balances you owe to landlords and suppliers. You can easily see account balances and view statements, and then make payouts either individually or in bulk to save even more time.

Landlord payment
Bank reconciliation

Bank reconciliation

To accurately stay on top of your business accounts you will need to be reconciling your bank account transactions regularly. With a complete and comprehensive history of all tranactions throughout the system, you can tick these off to ensure everything balances as expected.

Management revenue

Ultimately you are in business to make money, so it's crucial to keep track of the revenue being generated within your agency, categorised by the various types of management charges applied.

Managment revenue

Generate and email statements

No more need to spend hours producing statements to tenants, landlords and suppliers. Produce multiple formats of statements and reports, fully branded with your agency logo, and automatically send these for further time savings.


Opening balances

When starting to use the new system with existing tenancies in place, set the opening balances due from tenants and funds to be paid out to landlords.


Quick rent receipts

Save time recording the same receipts every rental period. Simply process them all in one go by just checking them off as they arrive in your bank.


Bank transactions

In order to keep your ShowHouse bank accounts in sync with actual transaction activity, you can record payments into and out of all accounts.

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