Tenant referencing from Advanced Rent

Tenant referencing

Run credit and right-to-rent checks against applicants before entering into tenancy agreements to help weed out potentially troublesome tenants. No re-entry of tenant data needed, the fully integrated workflow performs the checks with one click and reports back automatically when complete.


Tenants can report all sorts of maintenance and repair issues from FixFlo's multi-lingual mobile app, and all issues reported are immediately transferred into RentPro where they automatically create trouble tickets; no data entry required!

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Registered email and electronic signatures give you the ability to create an authenticated legal, audit trail directly from RentPro. It proves legal delivery, content and time for emails 100% of the time, regardless of recipient action, allowing landlord, supplier and tenant letters to request an electronic signature from the recipient.

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Full integration enables you to notify local councils, water suppliers and energy providers of new and vacating tenancies, set up and close void accounts for your landlords and ensure there are no stray bills.

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More properties

Your RentPro plan's property limit is only the default out of the box. As your portfolio expands, just bolt on more properties to increase your limit.


SMS credits

Send UK and international SMS messages to tenants, landlords or suppliers about viewings, arrears, balances or just to remind them of upcoming events.


Postcode lookups

Eliminate unprofessional-looking typos in property addresses. Use Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF) to quickly and easily improve address accuracy.

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