Branded statment

Apply your agency branding

Upload your agency logo and letterheads so that any documents or statements generated from RentPro for print or email are styled with your established company branding to maintain your unique agency identity.

Rent and fee models

Not all agencies apply rent in same way, or on the same day of the month. Whether you charge flat fees or use a percentage model, don't worry. We can configure RentPro to work the way you do; we don't expect you to change your agency to suit the software.

Rent fees

Dashboard alerts

The dashboard acts as a home page whose role is to give you a snapshot of everything that is going on in your agency. Stay on top of management activities, monitor rent arrears and deal with urgent tasks. Choose which alerts to show for your agency.

  • Expiring gas certificates
  • Rent arrears
  • Tenancies ending soon
  • Pending property inspections

Landlord login

Give your landlords improved transparency on how you are managing their properties by granting them read-only access to property statements and activity reports. Increased visibility means reduced queries, and less interruptions for your staff.

  • Read-only access
  • Monitor open jobs
  • View and print statements
  • Keep abreast of viewings
Landlord login

Alert thresholds

Controlled low levels of arrears may be acceptable for specific reasons. Set individual tenant balance thresholds and focus on the arrears that matter.

Custom data

Custom data types

If certain out-of-the-box types are not suitable for your agency, you can configure your own, e.g. safety checks, supplier trades, utility meters and room areas.


Clearance periods

Define the time taken for payments to clear into your bank account depending on payment method, and let ShowHouse take care of bank holidays.

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