Dashboard shows agency at a glance

The dashboard shows a quick, easy-to-understand summary of the agency activity. You can customise which alerts and summaries to show, ranging from balances and arrears, to alerts about overdue tasks, new items requiring attention, and important upcoming activities.

Alerts for important tasks and events

Don't worry about missing important tasks such as expiring safety inpsections or jobs which are overdue. Imminent and overdue task warnings appear on the dashboard each time you log in, each alert backed up by a full report of items needing your attention.

  • Overdue rent
  • Active and overdue jobs
  • Overdue safety checks
  • Tasks requiring follow-up
Audit log

Comprehensive audit trail

Every action taken within RentPro is logged internally to build up a comprehensive audit trail which can be viewed or downloaded at any time. All activity is logged by user, time and location to help pinpoint who did what, and when.

Export all your data

People like to be able to extract their data for many reasons - accounts reporting in Excel, importing addresses for email marketing, or simply for peace of mind to have a local copy. All data within RentPro can be quickly and easily exported in CSV format.

Data export
Transaction history

Entire history of accounting transactions

Since most of the activity recorded within RentPro is financial by nature, it's important to be able to report on every transaction. The financial reports provide full traceability of all receipts, payments and transfers, all rent and charges applied, over any time period.

  • Payments from tenants
  • Security deposits
  • Landlord and supplier payments
  • Management revenue

CSV exports

Most reports and tabular lists can have their data exported to CSV file for processing independently in MS Excel or another similar package.

Date filters

Date filters

Filter reports over a variety of preset date ranges such as this month, last month and this year, as well as over any custom date range.


Search criteria

Where appropriate, e.g. on property and tenant listings, you can additionally filter by other criteria such as status, type, price or location.

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